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Advertising Policy

TechWiki24 Advertising Policy


Welcome to TechWiki24, your premier Bangla tech blog at ( This advertising policy outlines our approach to managing advertisements on our site. Our goal is to provide a transparent, respectful, and valuable advertising experience for our readers and advertisers alike.

General Principles

1. Transparency

  • All advertisements will be clearly distinguished from editorial content.
  • Sponsored content or advertorials will be prominently labeled to ensure transparency.

2. Relevance

  • Advertisements should be relevant and provide value to our readers.
  • We partner with advertisers whose products or services align with the interests of our audience.

3. Integrity

  • TechWiki24 reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that does not meet our standards or align with our values.
  • Advertisements must not compromise the editorial independence of our content.

Acceptable Advertisements

1. Product and Service Ads

  • Ads for products and services that are legal and safe are acceptable.
  • Advertisements must not make false, misleading, or exaggerated claims.

2. Sponsored Content

  • Sponsored content must be clearly labeled as such.
  • Sponsored content should provide value to our readers and adhere to our content standards.

3. Affiliate Links

  • Affiliate links will be used transparently, with clear disclosure to our readers.
  • Affiliate partnerships will be chosen based on the quality and relevance of the products or services offered.

Prohibited Advertisements

  • Ads containing or promoting illegal products, services, or activities.
  • Ads that contain offensive, discriminatory, or hate speech.
  • Ads that are misleading, deceptive, or make unsubstantiated claims.
  • Ads that promote gambling, tobacco, or adult content.
  • Ads that engage in phishing, malware, or other malicious practices.

Placement of Advertisements

  • Advertisements will be placed in designated areas of the website to ensure they do not disrupt the user experience.
  • We will avoid placing ads in a manner that is intrusive or hampers the readability of our content.

Privacy and Data Use

  • We respect our readers’ privacy and comply with all relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  • Any data collected for advertising purposes will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Advertising Disclosure

  • We will clearly disclose any relationships with advertisers, including affiliate partnerships and sponsored content.
  • Readers will be informed whenever clicking on a link or advertisement may result in a commission for TechWiki24.

Review and Approval Process

  • All advertisements are subject to review and approval by the TechWiki24 team.
  • Advertisers may be required to provide additional information or substantiation for their claims.
  • We reserve the right to remove any advertisement at any time if it does not comply with our advertising policy or standards.

Contact Information

For advertising inquiries, please contact us at or FB: or Visit: Contact Us Page. We are happy to discuss potential partnerships and advertising opportunities that align with our values and audience interests.


Thank you for considering advertising with TechWiki24. We strive to balance valuable advertising opportunities with a positive user experience for our readers. Your cooperation with this policy helps us uphold the integrity and quality of our blog.

With Regards,

TechWiki24 Team

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